This introvert dog prefers to stay away from everyone, sitting on a chair with arrogant look

This story is about a dog who lives in North Carolina and acts like a real independent and moderate cat.

She doesn’t like playing with other dogs and always sits on the chair and looks at others from above.

Her name is Pogo. She is a mixture of a boxer and bulldog. She seems so mysterious and indifferent, sitting on the chair in silence.

Her owner thinks that Pogo just wants to show that she is greater than other dogs as she sits in high places and gives arrogant looks to everyone around him.

She likes to jump on the favorite always jumping on tabourets or somewhere where humans sit. She also learned some human manners, moreover, she sits like a real human.

Pogo’s favorite thing to do is sit on top of everyone and look down silently. Seems like she loves human characteristics.

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