The pigeon stoles the poppies from the tomb of the unknown soldier to build a nest in the memorial complex

For a very long time, in Canberra’s memorial for the World War two lots of poppies were disappearing without any explanation. They were taken from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

So this story is about a pigeon who stole the poppies from the tomb. Every day, this little one flew to the place and took several flowers for her nest in the hall of a complex.

Finally, one of the members of the staff noticed a beautiful nest with flowers in a niche above the window.

Everyone was amazed but no one got angry at the bird, as they are also real veterans of war. 2 Australian pigeons were given a medal for heroism during World War II.

Not to mention that many pigeons helped the soldier out by transferring messaged to one another.

This mostly shows the hardships of communication during the first and second World Wars.

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