Grateful penguin swims 5000 miles every year to visit his lovely rescuer

This story is about a penguin who actually swims thousand of mile to check out his favorite human who once saved his life.

This considers being one of the touching stories conquering the world. Sincere kindness and gratitude from the animal. Isn’t that amazing?

Long ago, an old man named Joao from Brazil saved a poor penguin who was stuck in the cliffs. He even didn’t have feathers, and if not the man, he could have died very soon.

Once the little one was rescued, the old man gave him the name of Dindim.

Joao took care of him, fed, and washed him until he got better. Eventually, the bird left him and went to the sea.

But surprisingly, Dindim was back! He appeared to the beach some months later.

Since then, eight months of the year they spent together. To see his beloved old man he swim more then two thousand miles.

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